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Colonial Empire


Dates of Publication:
1861 - 1863?
Place of Publication:

Saint John NB

Frequency varies (Triweekly -Mon, Wed, and Fri; semiweekly; and weekly)
Later title:
Absorbed by
  • Thomas McHenry
  • Moses H. Perley

"A political and commercial" paper; company owned largely by Moses H. Perley, W.H. Scovill, J. DeW. Spurr, and Thomas McHenry. Started as an offshoot of "The Christian Visitor." Advocated union of the colonies, intercolonial free trade, railway expansion, liberal education, and aggressive development of mineral resources and fisheries. (Harper) Alternate titles: "Weekly Colonial Empire," "Daily Colonial Empire," "Tri-Weekly Colonial Empire."

Four separate editions seem to have appeared concurrently weekly "intended to be a First Class Commercial Paper" containing "shipping and market reports from our own and Sister Provinces" and related items "on British and foreign ports"; tri-weekly devoted "to City matters and General News" appeared on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; semi weekly "made up expressly for country circulation will contain everything that may be of interest or importance to our readers."


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